Volvo V90 Wagon Final Design Leaked Via Toy In China

An employee of a car model factory in China understands the sorts of things gearheads like, because the unknown employee just leaked a photo of a model of the 2016 Volvo V90, Volvo’s return to the sort of premium wagons they’re known for. It looks pretty good! Actual size is expected to be much larger than handheld. »10/20/15 8:14am10/20/15 8:14am

The World's Fastest Dog Rescue Vehicle - Juliann's E46 Touring

I seem to have an affinity for BMW wagons. Well alright, who am I kidding? Don’t we all? It’s a formula that proves to be flawless. It’s a driver’s car that doubles as a doer’s car. It’ll carry your small furniture, haul your kids to school, round up all your gear for a road trip and still draw a crowd at a car meet.… »8/09/15 9:13am8/09/15 9:13am

2016 Mini Clubman: This Is It In All Its Six-Door Glory

The wagon version of BMW’s Mini has finally gotten an update for 2016, and while it’s arguably less quirky than the first-gen one it replaces, it’s now a true four-door wagon (well, six doors if you count the two at the rear). I think it looks pretty good, and seems to be more usable and practical than the one it’s… »6/24/15 9:25am6/24/15 9:25am

This 400-hp Toyota wagon is the scariest thing I've ever driven

This is Kevin Harris' '79 Toyota Corona wagon, packing a full JZA70 swap out of a MKII Mark III Supra. The engine's cranking out around 400 horsepower, and it's wedged down into a car that weighs about as much as an ND Miata. It's fast. It wants to be sideways all the time, in every gear. It also has nothing but the… »3/18/15 4:04pm3/18/15 4:04pm

The Honda Crosstour Is the Best Wagon You Can Afford

We have had countless discussions regarding the lack of affordable wagons in the U.S. This is crossover country and wagons just don't sell. We get a few nice examples from the Europeans but they are hard to come by and are not exactly cheap. However, if you can overcome the ugly, Honda has a wagon you just might enjoy. »9/29/14 12:29pm9/29/14 12:29pm

My 1984 Mercedes Benz 300TD, reviewed

The discerning buyer who needs to fit many dogs in the back and four people up front in the lap of, mid-range, luxury. That is who buys a Mercedes 300 wagon. Fitted with a turbo and adorned with the finest vinyl to keep the backs of the occupants firmly adhered to the MB-Tex as to avoid falling out of the seat.… »5/31/14 8:53am5/31/14 8:53am