C-Leaky: Mercedes W204 C-Class Brochure

Those Teutonic-loving scamps over at the German Car Zone procured a pre-release brochure for the new W204 C-Class. A loverly bunch of coconuts, them. [Thanks to Yannis for the tip.] » 1/15/07 2:55pm 1/15/07 2:55pm

Spy Photos: W204 Mercedes C-Class

A bounty of next-gen C-Class spy shots lay in wait over at Mercedes-Benz W204, where sedans and station wagons go incognito, but for the fact that it's pretty obvious what they are, despite layers of cladding. Some are in leather, some are in that weird armadillo robot skin. The W204 models will replace the current… » 6/08/06 1:11pm 6/08/06 1:11pm