The Volkswagen GTI W12 Concept, Now With Engine Music

From up close, the turbocharged W12 engine Volkswagen shoehorned into its GTI W12 concept car is probably a visceral experience, not unlike that millisecond before a jungle cat grinds you into meat by-product. In this video, you won't see the steroidal hare perform any feats of strength, like jumping over buses or… » 6/20/07 6:53am 6/20/07 6:53am

Madness in the Middle: VW GTI W12 650 Reveal

The phone rang. "Dude!" my buddy yelled. "What is that thing?" He was talking about this video of the new 650 horsepower W12 GTI concept car which Davey's been all over for the last few days. Yeah, the one with the jacked-up dual-turbo Bentley mill in the middle. And we've been asking ourselves why on earth would… » 5/19/07 1:00pm 5/19/07 1:00pm

More On the Stonking W12 Turbo Golf From Hell

When we ran across the W12 GTI this morning all we had to go on were our rusty German skills. Now we've got, at the very least, a translated press release in hand, as well as more photos of the Rabbit with the heart of a Continent(al). The mid-mounted engine is longitudinal, for added Countach-type radness, and it… » 5/17/07 7:00pm 5/17/07 7:00pm

Jalopnik Fantasy Garage: Volkswagen Phaeton W12

Yes, the Phaeton. Like everyone else, when I first heard Volkswagen would be producing a $100,000 car, I was aghast. Was this the same Volkswagen that built my friend Tristy's Scirocco? Aside from constantly belching black smoke, that car's passenger seat would snap off its runners on every left turn. Six figures for… » 4/24/07 11:00am 4/24/07 11:00am

Fidel Is Not Enough: Bentley Plans Lots O' New, Lightweight Rides

We wannabe upper crusty anglophile types are already busy drooling over the allure from the double-decadent Havana coupe. Now Bentley springs this on us? As the revitalized German British marquee nears the brand-imploding 9,000 cars a year threshold, they are going to need new steel to maintain their momentum. Wait,… » 11/28/06 4:28pm 11/28/06 4:28pm