Vauxhall Corsa VXR Nürburgring Edition is unattainable hot hatchness

The closest we've ever gotten to driving a Corsa in the states is the older and larger Saturn Astra, which sold poorly in the U.S. and never offered more than a low-power 1.8-liter fourbanger. Therefore it's with great sadness we announce the smaller Euro-spec Vauhall Corsa VXR Nürburgring Edition boosts power to over… » 4/20/11 12:15pm 4/20/11 12:15pm

Opel Insignia OPC: First Drive

The Opel Insignia OPC is based on the same platform as the new-for-the-US Buick Regal, but adds the torque-vectoring Haldex AWD system from the Saab 9-3 Turbo X and a 325 HP turbocharged V6. Can anyone say "GNX?" » 11/23/09 12:00pm 11/23/09 12:00pm

Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer VXR: A Spectacular 320 HP Wagon You…

We told you to expect a Vauxhall Insignia Sport Tourer VXR. Lo-and-behold, here it is, a 320 HP, 6.0 second 0-to-60 MPH all-wheel-drive sport wagon that you can't get in the US. Lust and anger. » 5/20/09 11:00am 5/20/09 11:00am

Buick Regal GNX? It Could Be A Possiblity...In China

The recently announced 2010 Opel Insignia and Vauxhall VXR could spawn another variant we would love to own: the Buick Regal GNX. » 4/15/09 3:30pm 4/15/09 3:30pm

2010 Opel Insignia OPC, Vauxhall VXR Gunning For Audi S4

GM's European divisions finally have an answer to that pesky AWD hot-rod Audi S4. Say hello to the new turbo, AWD, 325-HP 2010 Opel Insignia OPC and brother-from-another-mother, 2010 Vauxhall Insignia VXR. That's a Saturn?! » 4/15/09 8:00am 4/15/09 8:00am

Vauxhall Astra VXR Nürburgring Edition, Now With More Nürburgernress

All of those would-be Saturn Astra tuners could do worse than aping the Astra VXR Nürburgring Edition, which is the speedier trim level of the Vauxhall version of GM's global small car platform. Mechanically similar to the VXR, the hot hatch is good for 240 hp, enough to propel it to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds and an… » 12/18/07 10:45am 12/18/07 10:45am

Oz Fest, UK Style: The Vauxhall VXR8

Chalk up another benefit of being a right-hand drive nation of the Commonwealth Realm — first dibs on muscle cars. Right, so before the Pontiac G8 GT makes its first appearance among the Yankery, Brits will get their shot at its Australian cousin, the Holden Commodore HSV Clubsport R8. In the UK, it'll be badged a… » 2/26/07 7:53am 2/26/07 7:53am

Hot Hatch Report: Opel Corsa OPC

Earlier this year, we got a glimpse of the new hot mini-hatch in the way from the General's Teutonic outpost at Opel. Now, the company's revealed the Corsa OPC, the latest Opel (oh sorry, blokes, and Vauxhall too, as the VXR) to be so lettered. As a hot hatch, the Corsa has all expected accouterments, including 192… » 1/03/07 8:29am 1/03/07 8:29am

Hot Holden Hatch: The HSV VXR Debuts in Sydney

If you thought badge engineering was a purely American game, check your head. GM's bringing a version of the UK's Vauxhall (Opel) Astra VXR to Australia as the Holden VXR. Never one to leave well enough alone, Holden's HSV performance group — likely gone dingbat on Aeroplane Jelly, Redback and pie floaters — worked… » 10/26/06 10:15am 10/26/06 10:15am