Caral V8XS Transforms Vauxhall VX220 Into V8-Powered Monster

The Vauxhall VX220 »9/24/08 5:00pm9/24/08 5:00pm is one of the forbidden fruits of the GM product portfolio we covet ferociously, and this heavily modified, 4.2-liter supercharged V8-equipped version dubbed the Caral V8XS makes it all the more painful. At 450 HP, the Jaguar-sourced motor certainly would light a fire under the slinky two-seater,…

I See It In Your Eyes, Take One Look and Die? The Bastard

Created by the folks at Sweden's unfortunately-named Street Xtreme magazine, this Vauxhall VX220/Opel Speedster apparently features a "grunty" 2.2L engine, and makes some pretty damn good noise while cutting a sinister swath. Its project name is "Bastard," which coincidentally, was Lemmy Kilmister's post-post… »12/04/06 3:00pm12/04/06 3:00pm