The Volkswagen Alltrack Concept Is Potentially Cool

While Volkswagen is content to show off the Volkswagen Passat Alltrack as a production car in Tokyo, the German carmaking giant deigns us fit to get the Alltrack as a concept. What, nobody here likes a good longroof? » 4/04/12 4:30pm 4/04/12 4:30pm

Volkswagen Alltrack Concept Is Another Way To Say 'Wagon'

Volkswagen will introduce this Alltrack Concept at the New York Auto Show next week, because apparently that's more fun than just coming out and saying "maybe we'll build a wagon version of the new Volkswagen Passat." Because that's what this is. A diesel-powered, Outback-flavored European Passat wagon. » 3/30/12 4:00pm 3/30/12 4:00pm

For $12,500, Thank God I’m A Country Boy

Like the Subaru Outback and Audi Allroad, Volkswagen's Golf Country is a car-based soft-roader. However, unlike those other two, the Vee Dub never officially softened any roads in the U.S.. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe illegal alien '91 Country has a secret that could keep it from being off-road only, but is its… » 3/21/12 8:00am 3/21/12 8:00am

This was the first car in Antarctica

One hundred years ago yesterday — December 14th, 1911 — Roald Admundsen and his team of Norwegian explorers became the first humans to reach the South Pole, pulled by sled dogs. But it wasn't until 1963 that the first production car landed on Antarctic shores, a mostly-stock VW Beetle known as "the Red Terror." This is… » 12/15/11 12:00pm 12/15/11 12:00pm

Volkswagen Cross Coupé: VW builds an Evoque

Been wondering what a Range Rover Evoque would look like if VW built it? Behold the Volkswagen Cross Coupe, which combines all the disadvantages of a sports coupe — poor vision, a tiny interior — with all the disadvantages of an SUV — inferior fuel economy, huge proportions — to create a vehicle that's less desirable… » 11/29/11 10:30pm 11/29/11 10:30pm

For $4,000, bond with the Quantum of Syncro

In physics, quantum mechanics theory describes wave function and was first developed in 1925 by the German physicist, Werner Heisenberg. Coincidentally, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe VW Quantum wagon has Syncro mechanicals and can carry your surfboard to the waves on its handy roof rack. It's price however, may be a … » 10/26/11 8:00am 10/26/11 8:00am

For $4,700, it’s a wolf in Scirocco clothing

Somewhat incongruously there's a professional ice hockey team based in Wolfsburg, Germany that is named after a ‘70s American TV show - Grizzly Adams. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Scirocco is both a Wolfsburg edition, and pretty cool, but will its price ice the deal? » 9/22/11 8:00am 9/22/11 8:00am

For $7,500 Canadian, get the kit and kabuki

When the world's great auto makers leave you wanting, maybe it's time to go it alone with a kit car. And if your yearnings extend to gull wings and Asiatic dragons then perhaps it's time for this Nice Price or Crack Pipe Bradley GT II. You might however, hanker for it having a lower price. » 9/14/11 8:00am 9/14/11 8:00am

Volkswagen Nils concept: When you ride alone, you ride more…

The Volkswagen Nils concept isn't the first time Volkswagen's threatened to change the automotive paradigm. It isn't even the second time. But it is the first time they've also threatened to turn conventional wisdom on fuel efficiency since World War II on its head. » 9/13/11 11:45am 9/13/11 11:45am