This VW Is The Fastest Looking Slow Car Ever

Brazil has always been an alternate reality for VWs, with their long-closed borders forcing all kinds of interesting mutations and developments of the old air-cooled VW line. Without foreign sports cars to import, VW Brasil made their own: the SP2. Parked, it was the fastest car you've ever seen. Driven, well, not so… »10/03/13 3:02pm10/03/13 3:02pm


Volkswagen SP2 Design Concept Modernizes 70s Brazilian Coupe

With hints of Jensen Interceptor »10/23/08 10:30am10/23/08 10:30am from the rear and DeTomaso Mangusta from the front, the Volkswagen SP2 was a sleek-but-slow South American sports car built only for the Brazilian market in the mid-1970s. Now designer Marcelo Rosa has rendered his interpretation of a modern SP2 based on new VW Scirocco underpinnings.…