Individuality For the Masses: New Passat Package

Hurtling through canyons in your Passat with Jawbreaker's "Kiss the Bottle" cranked high, jerkily smashing the brakes upon corner entry and generally driving like a complete dipshit, have you ever though, "I wish my Passat had black chrome and a more vibrant, art-faggy interior?" If yes, VW's answered your prayers,… » 1/13/06 5:05pm 1/13/06 5:05pm

VW Individual Shows Phaeton Limousine at the Dubai Motor Show

From the "oil's well that spends well" department, Volkswagen's in-house bling shop, VW individual, showed off a super-stretch Phaeton at the Dubai Motor Show last week. The ultraluxury, W12-powered shiekwagen, dubbed VW Phaeton Lounge, is 1.8 meters longer than a stock Phaeton. It's loaded with accouterments for the… » 12/21/05 8:48am 12/21/05 8:48am