Awesomesauce VW Golf R Will Cost $36,595, Won't Have A Manual Till Later

Everything we've heard about the VW Golf R, which is already on sale in Europe, says that it's all sorts of great. When it hits our shores this spring, it'll carry a base price of $36,595. And conspicuously missing from the features is the option to row your own gears. (UPDATE: A manual IS coming!) »11/19/14 9:11am11/19/14 9:11am

2015 VW Golf R Gives Americans Choice Of Transmissions, Not Door Count

We've already seen the Volkswagen Golf R Mk 7 that Europeans are going to get, but now this is the one that's going to show up in VW's U.S. showrooms. According to the info, there's finally going to be a choice of transmissions. But the Golf R we get is still going to differ from the European market version in at… »1/08/14 11:45am1/08/14 11:45am