VW Says That Just Maybe They Will Build The Dune

When we first saw the Beetle Dune concept at the Detroit Auto Show early this year, I generally liked the idea, but was lamenting how unlikely it was to be built. Well, as part of VW's multi-year plan to make me look like an ass, the Dune could be edging to actual production, and they even had one driving around. » 6/23/14 8:35pm 6/23/14 8:35pm

Celebrating 65 years of the Beetle in America

On Jan. 17, 1949, the Holland America Line Westerdam pulled into New York Harbor from Rotterdam carrying the seed of an automotive empire. It had been only four years since Volkswagen resurrected operations in Wolfsburg, the factory heavily ruined by Allied forces and now under the command of Major Ivan Hirst. The… » 1/30/14 5:14pm 1/30/14 5:14pm

VW Of Canada Brings Back "Super Beetle" Name

VW hasn't sold a car called the "Super Beetle" since the final run of convertible Super Beetles sold in in the US in the 1979/1980 model year. I remember lobbying for one as a kid when my parents went car shopping in 1980. They bought an Accord. But now VW of Canada is selling a "Super Beetle" edition of the Turbo… » 6/27/13 3:18pm 6/27/13 3:18pm

The Electric-Converted 1963 'Zelectric' VW Beetle Is A Charming EV

One of the nice things about being a known sucker for a particular type of car is that people seek you out when they have interesting versions. Which is pretty much why a guy named David contacted me to see if I wanted to drive an electric-converted '63 Beetle. I did want, and I did drive. » 6/19/13 12:43pm 6/19/13 12:43pm

The First Real Object Ever 3D Scanned And Rendered Was A VW Beetle

We take hyper-realistic 3D scanned and rendered cars for granted today. They're in movies, video games, fake spy shots, everywhere. The fact that it can be done at all still feels like science-fiction. The origins of it all are humbler and older than you'd think: In 1972, with students, yardsticks, and a VW Beetle. » 5/07/13 4:49pm 5/07/13 4:49pm