Engine On: Karmann Ghia 1500 Rebuild Update

For those of you following our pal Scott's Type III rebuild odyssey, you will be stoked to hear that the engine is running. I was over at his place drinking some really fine beers (Duvel and Allagash Victoria) on Saturday and listening to a weird mechanical hum. Turns out it the noise is from the generator, and Scott… » 5/21/07 7:00pm 5/21/07 7:00pm

Forget Schadenfriday: Modded VW 1500 Rules the Divine!!

First of all, YES!!!! Second, just yesterday we were listening to comrade Scott kvetch about not wanting to paint his Type III black. How about black with a white roof we said. Yes, that's a factory option Scott replied, but he'd look like the fuzz. After we ran through all the OEM colors and Scott explained how red… » 1/19/07 10:50am 1/19/07 10:50am