Volkswagen Dieselgate Owners: You're Getting Gift Cards So Please Be Satisfied

Volkswagen’s rolled out much of the details of its “Goodwill Program” in the wake of Dieselgate, as it hopes to somewhat soothe the feelings of people who bought cars with afflicted 2.0-liter diesel engines from the company. Will it work? (No.) It’s much of what we heard last week, but now with additional… »11/09/15 3:16pm11/09/15 3:16pm

I Took My Cheating TDI In For Emissions Testing And This Is What Happened

So I’m one of those guys; those Nazi loving environment hating guys that bought a Volkswagen TDI knowing FULL WELL that several years after I bought it I would discover that it was actually an acid rain factory that was designed to melt baby seals and erode the moral fabric of America. »10/27/15 9:14am10/27/15 9:14am

Volkswagen Bragged About The Effects Of Diesel Cheating For Years

When it was revealed that VW had installed cheating devices on diesel vehicles as far back as 2008, it was played off as a mistake unknown to most of the company. But back in 2008, VW’s marketing enjoyed exploiting the performance of the illegal technology, bragging that vehicles outperformed EPA testing in the real… »10/16/15 7:55pm10/16/15 7:55pm

Volkswagen Says It May Have Tried To Cheat Some More With 2016 Models: Report

Volkswagen has admitted that it knew Dieselgate was coming as far back as the Spring of 2014. But a new report from the AP says that despite all that, Volkswagen has now additionally confirmed it was getting ready to ship its 2016 diesel models with an “auxiliary emissions control device” software, completely separate… »10/14/15 12:50pm10/14/15 12:50pm

Volkswagen Had To Decide To Cheat More Than Eight Years Ago: Report

While Volkswagen’s cheating on emissions tests is pretty much common knowledge at this point, a whole bunch of questions remain unanswered. One of those is how long the company’s been doing it, and how long it planned to do it. Thanks to a German minister’s interview with Reuters, we now know that the answer is… »9/24/15 2:52pm9/24/15 2:52pm

How Volkswagen Could Have Gotten Away With It

By now the full gravity of Volkswagen’s cheating the EPA’s emissions testing systems is out in the open, and while, sure, I’m appalled and disappointed, a perverse part of me is also kind of impressed. It’s a pretty clever cheat! But like all cheaters, VW got caught because they got lazy. I think I know how they could… »9/24/15 12:50pm9/24/15 12:50pm