That Crazy VW Golf R 400 Concept Looks Alarmingly Production-Ready

When we first saw the ridiculously powerful Volkswagen Golf R 400 Concept, there was only one word to describe it: Zounds! Also, possibly "gadzooks." But while VW refuses to confirm anything yet, one word looks like it's leaping out now – real. » 4/19/14 11:10am Today 11:10am

Volkswagen Touareg Redesigned To Look More Like The Scirocco Hot Hatch

Tweaks to the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg have been announced at the Auto China show in Beijing, with engines improved to meet new emissions standards and a new lower grille to match its badass hot-hatch sibling the Scirocco. » 4/17/14 10:18am Thursday 10:18am

Why Are Some Cars Allowed To Evolve But Others Are Not?

Every time MINI comes out with a newer, bigger, model the internet lights the torches and sharpens the pitchforks. I understand that a brand called "MINI" is supposed to have well, "mini" cars but unfortunately people don't want to buy "mini" cars they want to buy regular cars with a MINI badge. Yet many of us believe that… » 3/07/14 9:47am 3/07/14 9:47am

VW T-ROC Concept Is A Targa-Topped Little Brute The Size Of A Golf

VW's been having fun with little MQB-platform based off-road concepts, like that new Beetle Dune concept we saw earlier this year in Detroit. Now they're revealing a new one in Geneva called the T-ROC, and it's an awful lot like a modern Golf Country. That's doubleplusgood, if you ask me. » 3/03/14 4:30pm 3/03/14 4:30pm

Celebrating 65 years of the Beetle in America

On Jan. 17, 1949, the Holland America Line Westerdam pulled into New York Harbor from Rotterdam carrying the seed of an automotive empire. It had been only four years since Volkswagen resurrected operations in Wolfsburg, the factory heavily ruined by Allied forces and now under the command of Major Ivan Hirst. The… » 1/30/14 5:14pm 1/30/14 5:14pm

Would You Drive An Electric VW Bug?

Zelectric Motors is the brainchild of passionate VW fans David Benardo and Bonnie Rodgers. In 2011, they decided to put their east coast creative agency in their rearview mirror and head back home to California. With a lifelong affinity for the VW brand and decades spent working with tech companies, they envisioned a… » 1/20/14 1:54pm 1/20/14 1:54pm

Praguian chopped Beetle channels its inner Batmobile

We went to Prague last summer to attend a friend's wedding and my wife used that opportunity to show me the city (I've been to Prague several times but I don't have any sober memories of those visits...). The old city definitely has a kind of Gothic vibe and it's easy to understand why so many movies are filmed there. » 12/05/13 12:14pm 12/05/13 12:14pm

Another Weird Air-Cooled VW You've Never Heard Of: Basistransporter

You know that jerk at your local vinatge VW club who made you look like an ass because you couldn't remember what taillights a Fridolin used? That dipshit has it coming. Here's how to get him: ask what the first FWD air-cooled VW was. If he answers at all, it'll probably be "VW Gol." Then laugh at his sorry ass. » 9/17/13 4:30pm 9/17/13 4:30pm