This Highlight Reel Of NASA's Morpheus Lander Is Almost Out Of This World

NASA’s Morpheus vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) craft fulfills many science fiction dreams of the last 60 or so years. Maybe one day a scaled-up cousin of it will be able to service extraterrestrial bodies in our solar system. Until then, it is just really cool to watch this thing takeoff, pick a landing spot all… »10/22/15 7:25pm10/22/15 7:25pm


Diamond's Hybrid Electric Quad Tiltrotor For Civilians Looks Pretty Amazing

Tiltrotors seem to be all the rage these days, with the first civilian example moving steadily closer to production. Even the White House is using them! And now, Austrian manufacturer Diamond Aircraft has announced plans to bring a hybrid electric tiltrotor to the civilian market, and they’re already teasing us with… »10/06/15 1:48pm10/06/15 1:48pm

First Civilian Tilt Rotor Sets Speed Record 

AgustaWestland’s new AW609 tiltrotor aircraft is still at least two years away from entering service, but we now have a better idea of just how fast this transformer for civilians is going to be. On a “point-to-point” journey from Yeovil, UK to Cascina Costa, Italy, the AW609 traversed the 721 mile route in 2 hours 18… »9/22/15 4:55pm9/22/15 4:55pm

The Personal Jetpack Is About To Become A Reality

Although its name is "Jetpack", the experimental aircraft actually uses ducted fans to provide lift to its single occupant who was selected for his tiny brain and ginormous brass pair. Since its pilot straps onto it and does not sit, the device is not a backpack because it is too large to be worn while walking. »12/04/14 1:14pm12/04/14 1:14pm