How Do You Plan On Getting To Your Polling Location?

Unless you live in Utah, you've probably been subjected to political commercials, robocalls, fliers, emails and door knocks claiming that this or that candidate is a socialist or a right-wing nutjob. Assuming the media crush hasn't completely dissuaded you from participating in the democratic process, you're going to… »11/03/08 11:30am11/03/08 11:30am

Would You Like a Sebring With Your Alderman? Voting in Car Dealerships

While most of use are probably used to voting in schools, churches and municipal buildings, voters in Kearny, New Jersey may find themselves voting in the middle of a car dealership showroom. Both a Dodge and a Chevrolet dealership will open their doors to those doing their civic duty (Ford dealerships hate… »11/06/07 1:45pm11/06/07 1:45pm