Volvo Claims V70 Police Package First Turn-Key Police Car

Volvo announced this week that they are going to start production of a version of their V70 wagon pre-fitted for service in the British Police Force. The company claims the "turn-key" police car will be the first offered, at least in Britain. Typically, police vehicles must be custom painted and outfitted before… »9/03/08 2:20pm9/03/08 2:20pm

Volvo Safety System Makes Assumptions About Your Beverage Preferences

If there is one thing that really grinds my gears, it's when an inanimate object judges me and makes assumptions about my lifestyle. A new safety feature to be included in the 2008 Volvo V70, XC70 and S80 will flash a coffee mug in the middle of the tachometer when it senses your driving is impaired. Despite… »2/05/08 2:30pm2/05/08 2:30pm

Forbes Autos Drops Top Ten Luxury Cars for the Ladies

Forbes Autos is up to the list-making again, giving us the top ten list of luxe cars with the primary driver being a woman. While not as sexy as the men's list, the vehicles are more practical and comfortable, and packed with a lot more Volvos. Interesting to note that our favorite Saturn designer, Miss Vicki Vlachakis »1/28/08 10:15am1/28/08 10:15am