Polestars, Hybrids And Shooting Brakes: Everything I Learned About Where Volvo Is Going

Volvo is clearly in the middle of some big changes right now, and during my trip to Gothenberg this week I had a lot on my mind. I wanted to know why the 2016 S90 turned out the way it did, how fast Polestar will go, what Volvo thinks of the Germans, and how it will respond to those who miss a few cylinders from their…

Everything About This Four-Year-Old Driving And Crashing A Truck Is Perfect And Good And Hilarious

British kids are cuter than American kids, FACT. But to make them truly perfect, you need to give them remote control over a giant dump truck, and then let them run wild. I don’t care that this is an ad for Volvo Trucks, because it is the greatest and best video I’ve seen all day.

Volvo Is Designing the Autonomous Car That Could Eliminate All Traffic Deaths

As usual, traffic was apocalyptic on the 10 Freeway. So I cued up the Master of None episode I didn’t finish the night before, pulled out the Greek yogurt I hadn’t had time to eat for breakfast, reclined my seat way back, and relaxed. I may have even dozed off as my vehicle steered its way towards Santa Monica.