The VW Tiguan's US Taillights Are Princes Of Lies

I don't ask too much out of my taillights. I don't think any of us do. We want them to look reasonably good and tell us important information. The only job of a taillight is to communicate — I'm stopping, I'm turning, I'm here. Simple. Maybe that's why when a taillight is deceptive, it seems like such a betrayal. » 5/09/14 11:00pm 5/09/14 11:00pm

AssPat, Car Odor, Outrage, And Other Hilarious VW Anagrams

Volkswagen unveiled the Taigun this morning, which is an anagram of Tiguan, which is the Urdu word for "overpriced CUV." » 10/23/12 10:00am 10/23/12 10:00am

VW Tiguan Performance Concept To Debut At SEMA

Now here's something interesting coming from the Wolfsburg crew: The VW Tiguan » 11/04/08 12:00pm 11/04/08 12:00pm Performance Concept set to debut at . The details are thin so far, but the tiniest SUV from the people's brand gets a three-stage turbo pushing output up to 312 HP and 319 lb-ft of torque to go along with the upgraded Dakar-style body work.…

Ten Best Cars For A Fall Weekend Trip

Fall's crisp winds, wet roads and bright foliage are here. But just because it's no longer summer doesn't mean you can't enjoy a weekend driving trip. Just as the leaves change so do the driving conditions, meaning it's time to trade in that soft-top convertible for something a little better suited to the autumn… » 10/03/08 4:00pm 10/03/08 4:00pm

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan, Reviewed

While we haven't had the pleasure of piloting a 2009 VW Tiguan quite yet, our good friends at Popular Mechanics have thrown the mini-ute around a bit and pronounced it more Golf than Touareg — a good thing. Powered only by the 2.0-liter turbo mill making 200 HP and 207 lb-ft of twist, the Tiguan ends up being one of… » 6/02/08 6:40pm 6/02/08 6:40pm

Volkswagen Tiguan To Be Marketed As The Compact SUV 'GTI' Instead Of…

The Volkswagen Tiguan is headed this way to compete in the highly competitive Compact SUV segment, which includes the likes of the Honda CR-V, RAV4 and Ford Escape. The sharp-looking SUV has a lot going for it, including the beloved turbocharged 2.0-Liter fourbanger found in a wide range of Audi and VW products.… » 5/19/08 1:40pm 5/19/08 1:40pm

Volkswagen Tiguan R Line Revealed

Volkswagen will add the A5-platformed Tiguan ute to the list of veedubs that get the R Line treatment at this year's Essen Motor Show. Other than this press image we don't have much in the way of details, but from other R Line vehicles we can assume that the revised body kit, wheels and interior bits can be added onto… » 11/28/07 1:45pm 11/28/07 1:45pm