An 'Extreme' Volkswagen Golf R Evo Might Be On The Way

You fools! You've never taken the Volkswagen Golf R models seriously. Now, VW — in addition to making a 296 horsepower Golf R with a manual and a DSG — is said to be making an even hotter "Evo" version. You and your Subaru will pay for your arrogance now! » 1/24/14 1:20pm 1/24/14 1:20pm

Blue, Fast And Mean: The History Of The Volkswagen R32 And Golf R

The original Volkswagen GTI is credited with starting the entire hot hatchback phenomenon. But somewhere along the line, the mad scientists at Volkswagen decided their hot Golf wasn't quite as hot as it could be. The result is hardcore performance brought to you by the letter "R." » 1/10/14 6:30pm 1/10/14 6:30pm

2014 Volkswagen Golf R Cabriolet: The Drop Top Hot Hatch That Isn't For …

A 2-litre four-cylinder with 265 horsepower taking you to 62 mph in 6.4 seconds in an open-top VW Golf. That's what you can expect from the 2014 Golf R Cabriolet. And a nanny limiting it to 155, but that still doesn't keep it from being the fastest roofless Golf ever. Oh, it also won't be coming to America. » 2/07/13 4:40pm 2/07/13 4:40pm

Engine Computer Hackers Show You How To Disable The VW Golf R's…

All the vitriol that issued forth from the Automobile Mag guys who tried out the Volkswagen Golf R on the track seems to be for naught; mostly. A Volkswagen/computer nerd managed to crack the car's troublesome ESP-on-constantly program in the engine computer and disable it. » 12/03/12 5:40pm 12/03/12 5:40pm