The Volkswagen e-Golf Is Great As A Golf But It's Not Half A Tesla

The Volkswagen e-Golf is, at its core, a Volkswagen Golf. That's not some metaphorical, figurative thing either. This isn't about "the platform," or "the feel" – it is a Volkswagen Golf. Except for the fact that it's powered by electricity. And I love the electricness of it, but the problem is the Golfiness. »2/18/15 10:10am2/18/15 10:10am

Wait. The VW Golf Was Named After A Horse?

If you're like most car geeks, you know that Volkswagen has a thing for winds when it comes to naming cars. Sirocco is a Mediterranean wind, Passat is a trade wind, Jetta refers to the Jet stream, and Golf is what the Germans call the Gulf Stream. But get this — shocking new revelations suggest the Golf was actually… »11/26/14 10:40am11/26/14 10:40am

VW Golf Sportsvan Concept Asks Again: 'Who Wants A Tall Golf?'

The Volkswagen Golf Plus has been offered since the Mark V in 2005 or so, but Americans have never had to consider it and wonder why anyone would need a taller, longer Golf hatchback instead of a wagon or a Tiguan. VW thinks it's a pretty big hit in other countries, though, so they've launched the Golf Sportsvan… »9/08/13 2:00pm9/08/13 2:00pm

Why Volkswagen Had The Best Reveal At This Year's New York Auto Show

In our post-carpocalyptic and post-paper world, truly amazing auto show press reveals are a rarity. Rightfully so. Why spend tens of millions of dollars to unveil a car to a group of balding, morbidly-obese, and irrelevant auto "press" when it's already been seen online by an audience a thousand times larger and more… »3/29/13 11:04am3/29/13 11:04am

Watch This 736-Horsepower Volkswagen Golf Declare War On Its Front Tires

The Volkswagen GTI is an enthusiast favorite for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest ones is that at the end of the day, it's a Golf. It's comfortable, practical, and it can haul all your stuff as well as ass. But for some people, the moderate power boost in the GTI over the standard Golf just isn't enough. Some… »3/09/13 12:00pm3/09/13 12:00pm