Spyker owner reportedly buys Zagato design house

Specialty car manufacturer and recent Spyker owner Coventry Prototype Panels (CPP) apparently purchased design house Zagato without anyone noticing, according to CarsUK. CPP, of course, is owned by former Saab investor/Russian banker Vladimir Antonov. That guy's involved in everything. » 7/05/11 4:30pm 7/05/11 4:30pm

GM determined not to get in the way of Saab self-determination

We're expecting a "flurry" of movement this morning on recent machinations by Vladimir Antonov to buy a shareholder stake in Saab. To get ahead of said machinations, General Motors proactively issued the following statement: » 4/28/11 9:15am 4/28/11 9:15am

Loser in Saab ownership battle says Saab still needs his ownership

The financier who lost his bid for Saab says the company will fall short of its sales goals this year and need a cash infusion to avoid collapse — one he's happy to provide. » 3/10/11 11:00am 3/10/11 11:00am