3M, Visteon BMW X-Wave Concept Demonstrates Future Of In-Car Tech

Featuring a host of Human Machine Interface, lighting, surface and display innovations, 3M and Visteon have created the X-Wave to showcase technology they'd like to bring to the automotive market. The two companies have combined expertises—Visteon with in-car tech and 3M for transmissive optical film and other… »6/04/08 1:00pm6/04/08 1:00pm

A Car of the Future by a Tape Company? 3M Says Yes

The 3M company of tape and packing supplies fame has teamed up with automotive supplier Visteon to show off this futuristic car interior at the Consumer Electronics Show. The two have reportedly dumped upwards of 50 so-called "innovative technologies" into this interior. Wow, 50 is a mighty big number, though some are… »1/08/08 11:00am1/08/08 11:00am

Performance Pays! Visteon Loses $163 Million In 2006, CEO Gets $10.8 Million Compensation Package

I love that C-level execs are the only level in which compensation packages are rarely tied to overall corporate performance. Whether it was FoMoCo's exorbitant compensation packages for Mark "Flexmaster" Fields, Don "French Pastry" LeClair or Alan "Well-Paid New Guy" Mulally we saw last week, or whether it's this… »4/10/07 10:45am4/10/07 10:45am

Breaking! Visteon First Quarter Profits Released! Wait — Profits?!?!

Auto supplier Visteon's just dropped their revenue numbers for the first quarter — and happy of happy's, they've swung from the red to the black with a net income of $3 million ($0.02 per share). May not sound like much but remember, this is totally apples and oranges to their loss of $163 million ($1.30 per share)… »5/02/06 9:57am5/02/06 9:57am

Visteon: USB Memory Sticks to Replace CD Changers by 2006

Auto industry supplier Visteon reports that USB drives (presumably Flash-based) will begin to replace conventional changers as early as next year. Apparently, the drives will connect to a USB port in the glovebox, so's to stay away from the fidgety hands of meddling drivers who should be keeping their eyes on the… »11/01/05 11:47pm11/01/05 11:47pm

Ford May Shutter Some Plants, Will Assume Control of Certain Visteon Facilities

In a double-whammy for North American autoworkers, Ford has announced plans to close a number of plants to keep idle capacity to a minimum even as it assumes responsibility for 5,000 of 7,500 employees of spun-off supplier Visteon. Ford President James Padilla says, "We will align our capacity with demand and see how… »9/15/05 9:11am9/15/05 9:11am