Every New Morning: Bricklin's China Plan Changes Again

If one thinks about it, the only truly great thing Malcolm Bricklin ever did was bring Subarus to America. Other than that, Yugo? The Bricklin? Entirely amusing vehicles, but only if other people own them. So who really expected his venture with Chery to succeed? Well, we kind of did. At least for a while. But now… » 11/20/06 5:00pm 11/20/06 5:00pm

A Chinese Bee: Chery to Build Dodge Hornet?

Will the Dodge Hornet be made in China? Automotive News reports today that DaimlerChrysler is in "late-stage negotiations" with China's Chery Motors to build a new small car for export, a car most believe will be one based on the Hornet concept (pictured) DCX showed in Geneva earlier this year. DaimlerChrysler… » 10/03/06 11:30am 10/03/06 11:30am

Big Dealer Says 'Woohoo!' About Wuhu: Ciasuilli Stoked on…

Tim Ciasulli, CEO of Planet Honda and head of the Visionary Vehicles Dealer Board is way stoked. Completely, utterly and totally stoked. Stoked the point of irrational stokedom, in fact. As the head of a a family-owned dealership chain which has sold nearly a million cars, he claims he's never seen an opportunity as… » 12/01/05 2:10pm 12/01/05 2:10pm

Chery to Bricklin: Don't Bogart the Cash, Mal

Visionary Vehicles has run into another snag when it comes to bringing Chinese cars to the slavering American masses. Apparently, Bricklin and co. offered two hundred mil in seed money to Chery Automobile to get the ball rolling on development of an American-spec vehicle. Thus far, Visionary's been unable to raise… » 11/02/05 12:05am 11/02/05 12:05am

Bricklin Pops Chery Brand Before GM Can

According to Visionary Vehicles' spokeswoman Wendi "Oh Lord, Take Me Downtown, I'm Just Looking for Some" Tush, the Chery vehicles they're importing from China won't be branded as such in the US due to pressure from GM, who claim the word's too similar to "Chevy." "They're bigger than we are and they have more… » 9/21/05 12:17pm 9/21/05 12:17pm