2008 Peugeot Design Contest Picks Top Ten Future Cars We'll Never See

The initial round of voting in the fifth annual Peugeot Design Contest has just concluded, with the field of entries from design students on the subject of "Imagine the Peugeot in the worldwide megalopolis of tomorrow” winnowed down from over 2,500 entries from 95 countries to ten best concepts. It's now up to you to… » 9/18/08 1:40pm 9/18/08 1:40pm

Detroit Auto Show: Mercedes Vision GLK Freeside High-Res Photos

When the first official pictures of the Mercedes Vision GLK Freeside emerged there was some discussion as to whether the car was intended for lesbians or wealthier Toyota RAV4 owners. We hope these new high res will clear up any confusion. Things you immediately notice about the higher resolution photos is the LED… » 1/03/08 12:15pm 1/03/08 12:15pm

Detroit Auto Show: Mercedes Vision GLK Freeside Photos And Details…

Every time we mention the new Mercedes GLK the name gets a little longer. The new Mercedes Benz Vision GLK Freeside, which will debut at Detroit, is going to be built on the C-Class platform and powered by either a 2.2 liter four-cylinder turbodiesel that's good for 175 horsepower or a gas V6 (though American models… » 1/02/08 9:15pm 1/02/08 9:15pm

Hit the Road, JAC: The Vision Concept in Beijing

Looks like JAC motors has terminated the backward Lexus logo that once adorned its Vision concept. And that's fine, because this isn't some bizarro Toyota (though to be a fly on the wall in the development meetings). The company unveiled its latest Sino-chic take on the typical sports sedan at the Beijing show this… » 11/20/06 12:37pm 11/20/06 12:37pm