Renaults, Citroens And Talbots... Oh My! French Cars On Bastille Day

Happy Bastille Day! In honor of the 219th anniversary of the symbolic beginning of modern France, our very own Frenchman Franzouse, has collected these photos from the "Course de Cote" vintage hill climb in St Geniez D'olt. Each car is a unique part of French rallying history, and the gallery includes a Renault R5… »7/14/08 2:00pm7/14/08 2:00pm


By Invitation Only: Mercedes Launches Co-Branded Credits Card. Plus, Forbes Auto on Automaker Cards.

"Gotta make the money / credit's no good / when the Jawas run the shop / in your neighborhood"
Fett's Vette might be paid in cash, but things would be different if our the legendary bounty hunter had a Mercedes-Benz Visa. Credit cards with car rewards are nothing new, but the Mercedes card is different because… »7/27/06 3:15pm7/27/06 3:15pm