Virginia Police Impounded A McLaren And A Dozen Other Cars For Reckless Driving

The mountainous roads surrounding Virginia's Shenandoah Valley aren't the world's most treacherous, but they are fun to drive, and they're easy to get to from Washington, D.C. So it's not all that surprising that car enthusiasts from the D.C. area's teeming, affluent suburbs occasionally make their way down there. »11/12/12 4:40pm11/12/12 4:40pm


Here's Where You Can Ignore 'Speed Limit Enforced By Aircraft' Signs

Many states populate their highways with ominous 'Speed Limit Enforced By Aircraft' signs — as if squadrons of F-16s fly overhead waiting to pop motorists for going 10 mph over the speed limit. While there are states that still use planes to enforce the speed limit, there's one member of the Union that mostly just… »2/21/12 10:00am2/21/12 10:00am