Beautiful footage of SpaceShipTwo's latest supersonic test flight

Virgin Galactic's space plane, SpaceShipTwo, finished its third rocket-powered test flight yesterday, breaking the sound barrier and reaching an altitude of 71,000 feet – the loftiest in a spate of recent test-runs. Here for your enjoyment is a highlight reel of yesterday's flight. » 1/11/14 5:27pm 1/11/14 5:27pm

Richard Branson's Spaceport Is Actually Being Built

Later today, flamboyant British multi-millionaire Richard Branson will commemorate the completion of the main runway of Spaceport America, near the town of Las Cruces, New Mexico, where the Virgin Galactic project is based. Here's a look before Branson's big bash. » 10/22/10 8:30am 10/22/10 8:30am

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Completes Inaugural Captive Flight

The dream of privately-operated, civilian-accessible space flight took another step toward reality today when Virgin Galactic-backed Scaled Composite's SpaceshipTwo successfully completed its first captive flight attached to the twin-hulled WhiteKnight, reaching an altitude of 45,000ft over the Mojave. » 3/22/10 5:15pm 3/22/10 5:15pm