Click on this link and a Chevy Sonic will hopefully be destroyed

Chevy's econobox may not look like the embarrassing Korean crapwagon called the Aveo that once filled high school parking lots, but its sudden improvement in the looks department doesn't mean we still wouldn't want to see one launched off a 100-foot-tall stack of shipping containers. » 10/19/11 3:30pm 10/19/11 3:30pm

Rampenfest To Launch BMW 1-Series From Oberpfaffelbachen

Taking a page out of its MINI playbook, BMW appears to be setting up some very clever guerrilla marketing to promote the 2009 BMW 1-series. Rather than shovel another recycled "look at the amazing precision of this new car" advertising campaign at us, BMW may be going in a different direction for the tossable new… » 2/28/08 8:00am 2/28/08 8:00am