These Photos Of Thunderbirds F-16s Flying With F-22 Raptors Is A Whole Lot Of America

Last season the Thunderbirds did an awesome job of taking advantage of some outstanding photo ops and backdrops that presented themselves as the team criss-cross the country from show to show. This weekend, they are kicking off their season at Davis Monthan AFB, as is the F-22 demo team. The two teams took to the…


Reminisce On That Time In The Early '90s When F-16s Escorted MiG-29s Across The U.S.

We have lamented on the lost opportunity following the crumbling of the Soviet Union, and reminisced about what could have been. This video, showing the Atlantic City based F-16s escorting MiG-29s across the U.S. during the early 1990s is another reminder of just how far U.S.-Russian relations have fallen in recent…

Here's 20 F-16s Executing The 'Elephant Walk' On A Cold Night 

The 8th Fighter Wing “Wolf Pack” based at Kunsan Air Base in South Korea put on a rare early morning “elephant walk” sortie generation exercise earlier this week. The idea behind the drill is to push ground crews to their limits by making them prep as many combat-ready jets as possible at short notice. The result is…

This Head-Cam Video Of An F-16 Pilot Streaking Around The Sky Is Exhilarating 

The F-16’s agility, cockpit ergonomics and incredible visibility helped make it the fighter to have for decades. As some “Viper” pilots will tell you, you don’t strap into the F-16: it straps onto you. You can see how amazing the view from the cockpit is and just how responsive the jet is in this awesome video via the

Check Out These Stunning Images From Israel's Blue Flag Air Combat Exercise

Israel’s second Blue Flag air combat exercise is wrapping up this week at Ovdat Air Force Base, Northwest of Eilat. The exercise saw USAF F-15Cs, Polish and Greek Block 50/52 F-16C/Ds, along with front-line Israeli F-16Is, F-15C/Ds take on Israel’s famous “Flying Dragon” aggressor squadron in the air and on the ground

First F-16V Flies But Its New Features Won't Show Up On USAF Models

Lockheed’s F-16V testbed flew for the first time yesterday. This face-lift of the F-16 is almost entirely internal, but it gives the most successful 4th generation fighter a quantum leap in capabilities. But don’t expect the F-16V’s game-changing features to show up on USAF F-16s anytime soon, and that is a major…

F-16 Takes Battle Damage From Small Arms Fire Over Afghanistan

A U.S. Air Force F-16 was struck by ground fire causing damage to one of its horizonal stabilizers during a mission over Afghanistan last Tuesday, according to reports released today. The stricken jet returned to base to make an emergency landing after dropping its external fuel tanks and its air-to-ground munitions…

U.S. F-16 Crashes Into Bavarian Forest, Pilot Ejects With Light Injuries

A Block 50 F-16CM from the U.S. Air Force 480th Fighter Squadron, the “Warhawks,” based at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany, crashed into a forest at around 9:30 a.m. local time while on a training mission near the U.S. Army Garrison in Grafenwoehr. The pilot safely ejected and is being held at the hospital with only…

Thunderbirds Buzz The Tetons and Niagara Falls In These Stunning Images

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds have been on a roll making the best of their cross-country flights between their home at Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas to air shows around the country by making some slight detours over amazing scenery to capture some stunning images. In the last two weeks they swung over Niagara…


Iraqi F-16 Crash In Arizona Is Another Blow To Troubled Training Program

An Iraqi Air Force F-16D went down near the town of Douglas, along the Arizona-New Mexico border late last night. The jet was reportedly the inaugural F-16 delivered with Iraqi colors and the condition of its pilot, reportedly an Iraqi airman training in the U.S., remains unknown. The crash has sparked a large fire…

Why Don't The Newest US Air Force F-16s Use These High-Tech Fuel Tanks?

Fuel is the ever-present specter that looms over every pilot. It’s great when you have enough of it, and terrifying when you don’t. This is especially true for notoriously fuel hungry tactical fighters. Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs) have become an increasingly popular way to add range to existing fighter designs, such…

Watch This Dutch F-16 Pilot Try To Kill An American F-15 In Mock Combat

Dutch F-16AMs and American F-15Cs had at it last April during the Florida and Oregon Air National Guard’s composite deployment to the region as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve. The awesome video below gives us an in-the-cockpit look at what it is like to spar with an Eagles high over the North Sea.

Dutch F-16 Pilots Now Flying Over ISIS Territory With Sub Machine Guns

After a Jordanian F-16 pilot was captured and burned alive in a steel cage, Dutch F-16 crews are being armed with Brugger & Thomet MP9 sub-machine guns. The idea being: if a pilot ejects, they can hold off the enemy long enough for a combat search and rescue unit to arrive. More firepower gives them a fighting chance.

Moroccan F-16 Fighter And Saudi AH-64 Attack Helicopter Down In Yemen

A Moroccan F-16 and a Saudi AH-64 Apache both went down while operating over Yemen yesterday. The crew of the Apache has supposedly fallen into Houthi Rebel hands while the F-16’s pilot fate remains less clear, although grisly images of a body said to be located at the crash site are making their rounds on Twitter.