Double-Barrelled Road Rage Action Not Covered by Car Insurance

Be forewarned, y'all who're gonna try to sue the insurance company of the guy who blasted through your plaster 'n' drywall like Charles Whitman rockin' it at near-point-blank after you pissed him off in traffic: an Arkansas court has ruled that gunfire can't be considered a car accident, even if it's levied from a… » 3/03/06 9:23pm 3/03/06 9:23pm

Cars Vandalized During British Blackout: Blame the French!

Seems like the disaffected youth of Europe all wanna get in on the French car-destroying action. During a blackout in Poole, England which affected 75,000 power customers, hoodlums, hooligans and other assorted miscreants teamed up to vandalize 57 cars and seven vans in the area. Sleepy Dorset isn't used to such acts… » 11/16/05 6:24pm 11/16/05 6:24pm

Flip Your Wig: Rhode Island Residents Bummed Over Overturned Cars

Drama in the smallest state! Apparently, gangs of disaffected teenagers are roaming neighborhoods in Providence, "destroying whatever is in their path." Rampaging youth on a tear? Cue up the Misfits' "Where Eagles Dare" and flip some cars, brah! At least that's what these allegedly terror-tastic teens have been… » 11/16/05 1:02pm 11/16/05 1:02pm

Renault Flambe: Why They Burn Cars in France

So while the media's all up ons with the news of flamin' cars in France, it's gone underreported that an average of 80 cars a day in the European nation go up in smoke during periods of relative calm. Apparently, the trend started back in the 1970s when the country's suburbs began to grumble with unrest. Since then,… » 11/14/05 3:27pm 11/14/05 3:27pm

A Riot of Our Own: How to Torch a Car

So we took Grant Hart's advice and turned on the news last night to images of torched vehicles in France. We remember reading that Joe Strummer and Paul Simonon once tried to set a car alight during the Notting Hill riots not long before the first Clash album was released. It didn't take. Thankfully, Slate's Daniel… » 11/08/05 12:24pm 11/08/05 12:24pm