40 Years Ago Today The Enterprise Headed Home After Evacuating Saigon

This shot was taken exactly 40 years ago, capturing the USS Enterprise sailing back to the states after a Pacific cruise that included the evacuation of Saigon. The green CH-53s sitting on the “Big E’s” bow were hitching a ride back to the states. Those little dots in front of them?Sunbathers enjoying the breeze, seas… »5/20/15 7:25pm5/20/15 7:25pm


The most amazing time-lapse video you'll see today

Most time-lapse videos work by capturing an object from one vantage point as the world changes around it. This remarkable time-lapse of the traffic in Ho Chi Minh City by photographer Rob Whitworth moves along with the Vietnamese city. And that — along with a roundabout that seems to beat like the heart of the city… »12/12/11 3:00pm12/12/11 3:00pm

Like Dien Bien Phu Never Happened: Traction-Avants In Vietnam

With our current obsession with French cars in general and Citroëns in particular, we hear a lot about Peugeots in former African colonies of France (and, yes, we know that Nigeria is a former British colony, which makes the new 504s you can buy there even cooler). But what about French Indochina, the crown jewel of… »6/19/08 3:00pm6/19/08 3:00pm