Watch an F-Vee Driver Emulate Senna, Go From Rain To Champagne

So in the first race of the day, you spin out in the rain and have to start the next race last. In that kind of situation, you've got nothing to lose, so seeing as you're something of a "YouTuber," you might as well film it, right? For Formula Vee driver Stephen Jones, friend of motor racing satire site WTF1, this was a… » 5/21/13 8:40am 5/21/13 8:40am

Just Say No To Awful Music In Car Videos

"I sure do love it when YouTube videos have music that drowns out the sound of the Ferraris and Lamborghinis," said no one ever. And I do mean ever. I can't tell you how many videos we get on a daily basis that are ruined by horrible music. » 5/05/13 2:30pm 5/05/13 2:30pm

Arrested Drunk Man Sings 'Bohemian Rhapsody' In Its Entirety In Back Of…

Dude in the video above wasn't happy about being picked up by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for being intoxicated. The best excuse he can muster is something about "brotherhood of men on the planet earth" before he segues right into singing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." In its entirety. He even provides the… » 3/29/12 1:45pm 3/29/12 1:45pm

Seinfeld And Leno Want First NSX In Acura Super Bowl Ad

Equipped with AWD and a gasoline/electric hybrid powertrain, Acura's hoping its new NSX supercar will herald a new age of responsible supercar when it hits showrooms sometime in the next 24 months. If it succeeds, it's going to be one sought-after collector car, a seed Acura is trying to sow in this hilarious… » 1/30/12 4:30pm 1/30/12 4:30pm