How To Turn Old Car Parts Into A Video Game Controller

When I introduced Car Hacks last week, I mentioned that cars can be thought of as huge rolling collections of interesting parts. This week I'm putting that idea to the test, by using some of those interesting parts to do something they were never remotely meant to do. Specifically, the parts are power seat controls,… »6/21/12 2:00pm6/21/12 2:00pm


Forza Horizon Will Let You Drive Like A Dangerous Idiot

I was able to slither into E3 this year, thanks to my friends at IndieCade, and, following all of your unconscious mindbeams, I made straight for the Forza Horizon booth. After waiting in a long, sweaty line I was finally able to try it out firsthand, and, even better, talk to the head of the studio about the game. »6/06/12 10:30am6/06/12 10:30am

Watch Billionaire Electric Car Mogul Elon Musk Explain 'BioShock' To Reporter

I've been tempted to start a column on Tesla's Elon Musk that's just an ongoing list of him explaining things (for example, Elon Musk explains love). He's clearly got a fascinating mind working up there. A great example of this is him telling future Musk biographer Hannah Elliott how the dystopian video game… »3/26/12 4:00pm3/26/12 4:00pm