A Grown-Ass Man's Guide To Super-Hard Old Nintendo Games

This is a thing about playing old NES games that I couldn't beat as a kid to see if I could beat them now as an adult, but let me tell you this first: I had sex while wearing a Power Glove not that long ago. It's maybe the most impressive thing that I've ever accomplished in my whole entire life. The backstory to pull… » 6/13/14 4:23pm 6/13/14 4:23pm

SpinTires Will Bring Gran Turismo-Level Detail To An Off-Road Video Game

British software outfit Oovee has been tweaking and beta-testing their off-road simulator SpinTires for many moons. Now that the full-featured version is almost ready to go, I'm ready to believe this game might be the first and last title for ultra-realistic, aesthetically beautiful, off-road adventuring. » 5/30/14 2:36pm 5/30/14 2:36pm

This Is Still The Best Ad For A Driving Game Ever

I'll be honest — I think we covered this way back in 2006, but I don't really care. This ridiculous commercial always feels good to trot out. There's the unrepentant '80s-ness of it, and the amazing realization that a "corporate executive" at one time would have driven a 4-door Rabbit. And, of course, there's the… » 5/06/14 11:00pm 5/06/14 11:00pm

This Is How The Best Arcade Driving Game Got To Your Living Room

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s and loved cars, you're probably familiar with Sega's OutRun, one of the best arcade driving games ever made. But getting it from the arcade to your home was no easy task. Oppo's Gabor Vajda talks to the developer of the Commodore 64 version about how that happened. Make sure you turn… » 5/02/14 12:26pm 5/02/14 12:26pm