First Video Game Drive: Twingo Renault Sport

Those Renault people are on their game — literally: The same day the official Twingo Renault Sport » 8/25/08 1:40pm 8/25/08 1:40pm details come out, they've dropped a Twingo racing game onto their website. Now, it's not; however, it is pretty entertaining for a web application (which requires an .exe install, we expect to be deluged with Renault…

Volvo Creates Xbox Advergame to Showcase Products

It's either a groundbreaking advertising feat or the setup for the most boring driving simulator in history. Volvo is becoming the first carmaker to create a driving game around its products, with its "Volvo Drive for Life" game, released this past Friday for Microsoft's Xbox. The company's description, though, is… » 11/14/05 8:44am 11/14/05 8:44am