Latest Toyota Pedal Fix Involves Hacksaw, Bubble Wrap

A service bulletin outlining yet another fix for Toyota's unintended acceleration problems (this time, the Pontiac Vibe) shows just how difficult re-engineering a car part is. Steps involving hacksaws and bubble wrap are both comical and a little unnerving. » 7/13/10 5:15pm 7/13/10 5:15pm

JD Power: Hyundai Genesis Highest-Ranked Newly-Launched Vehicle

The 2009 Hyundai Genesis ranks highest in launch performance among vehicle models introduced during the first ten months of 2008, according to J.D. Power and Associates' 2009 Vehicle Launch Index released today. Hyundai? Yes, Hyundai. » 7/22/09 10:00am 7/22/09 10:00am

GM Kills Vibe Early, Can't Quit NUMMI

The irony of Toyota building the last Pontiac was perhaps too much for GM, consequently, they've decided to axe the Vibe in 2009. However, GM is still searching for a way to build products at NUMMI with Toyota. » 6/19/09 11:00am 6/19/09 11:00am

Sweet Irony: Last Pontiac Actually A Toyota

According to the 2010 GM Product Guide, the 2010 model year Pontiac Vibe is the only model from the doomed brand for 2010 and is, therefore, the last Pontiac. That's right, the last Pontiac is actually a Toyota. » 6/10/09 1:00pm 6/10/09 1:00pm

Pontiac Vibe, Solstice Are Dead, Won't Live On As Chevys

GM CEO Fritz Henderson just told journalists the Pontiac Vibe and Solstice will not live on at other brands. Also, he's gonna have to talk with Toyota about what they're gonna do with NUMMI. » 4/27/09 9:30am 4/27/09 9:30am

Pontiac Vibe Commercial Featuring Shwayze. Wait, Who?

You know you're not 'hip' or 'with it' anymore when when you see a musical artist featured in a new ad campaign and you don't know if they're a nobody or a somebody. Does anybody know who Shwayze is? It's kind of a catchy tune, that relies a little heavily on the fact that Shwayze rhymes with everything. The ad is… » 4/21/08 5:00pm 4/21/08 5:00pm

Pontiac Drops Vibe's Price to $15,895

Those in the market for a Toyota Matrix might want to make note of the fact that its twin, the Pontiac Vibe, is going to be dropping its base price to $15,895 (with shipping charges) when it goes on sale in February. That's a decrease of $1,500 over the 2008 model price. We're not that surprised by the move,… » 12/06/07 11:15am 12/06/07 11:15am

2009 Pontiac Vibe Revealed On Video

Despite still being a few hours away from the official reveal, the folks at the General have graciously dropped some video clips of the new 2009 Pontiac Vibe onto a public web site, so we've decided to go ahead and run them. The video gives us a bit more of a look at the new Vibe-rator than the one press shot we've… » 11/06/07 12:05pm 11/06/07 12:05pm

2009 Pontiac Vibe Revealed

Well, look at who's trying out the multisurface look. It's Pontiac, with a new Vibe GT for 2009, set to be unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show in November. Away with the cladding, this Vibe gets a new, facet-filled body update, while retaining that downward-sloping roofline and angylar c-pillar. The all-wheel drive… » 10/09/07 4:07pm 10/09/07 4:07pm

2009 Pontiac Vibe

We'd heard the NUMMI-built Pontiac Vibe would be getting itself a makeover for 2009 and a quickened pace for coming to market. Mostly we hear it's because Toyota's unhappy with the sales mix on its platform-mate, the Matrix. Now we've got proof that the new-look Vibe's getting a slightly updated IP and steering wheel… » 9/20/07 2:30pm 9/20/07 2:30pm

What Car Makes You The Saddest?

Beat this: the year was 2002, sink or swim time for old Pontiac. They needed something, anything, to bolster their "excitement" branding because for the past ten years the division had done little but crap out plastic-clad rentals. Why not a sporty little wagon? Sure, the kids will love it, families on a budget will… » 9/12/07 12:15pm 9/12/07 12:15pm

Spy Photos: 2008 Toyota Matrix? 2008 Pontiac Vibe? We Report, You Decide

Sometimes a spy photog gets a bit too confident in what they think they're seeing — and sometimes forget that they've got a heavily camo'ed concept sitting in front of them — and really, as is the case here, who really knows what the hell it is. Edmunds and other sites are reporting the shots they've got are of the… » 10/12/06 1:40pm 10/12/06 1:40pm

Over the Back Fence: GM's Bad Pontiac Vibes?

We got a strange e-mail filled with unsubstantiated yet plausable conjecture regarding the Pontiac Vibe. Of course we're going to publish it in its entirety for you, dear readers, to consider (or poop on). Taken one way, it's some good old GM bashing at its cattiest; taken another, it's an indication of how petty… » 6/26/06 9:00am 6/26/06 9:00am

Pontiac's Wagon Versions to Go Vibe-bye; What of NUMMI?

According to AutoWeek, Pontiac is scaling back its Vibe line, discontinuing the GT and all-wheel-drive versions after the 2006 model year due to poor sales and changes in U.S. emissions standards. The Vibe, also sold as the Toyota Matrix, is the product of NUMMI, a joint-venture between GM and Toyota based in… » 4/04/06 8:19am 4/04/06 8:19am