Vertu Signs Exclusive Deal with Bentley, Kicks Ferrari To The Curb

Nothing says Luxury like coating Chinese-made electronics in polished titanium and "damson purple lizard skin". Bentley knows this, so they've tapped Vertu – maker of the world's most expensive slabs of glass – to produce B-branded phones. And they've signed an exclusive deal that has Vertu kicking Ferrari to the curb. » 7/07/14 2:31pm 7/07/14 2:31pm

Bourgeois Reportorial Hoonage: NY Times vs. Vertu vs. Porsche

The people at Vertu, makers of stupid-pricey cellular telecommunications devices, say that their Ascent Motorsport phone, which retails for a cool 5,700 smacks, is capable of withstanding being run over by the very Porsche Formula One racer that inspired its design. (An 804 maybe?) Since nobody around the Times'… » 12/05/05 7:41pm 12/05/05 7:41pm