Hyundai Accent Takes Back Title Of Cheapest Car In America At $9,970

Nissan made some waves last month when they announced the Nissan Versa 1.6S »11/26/08 1:00pm11/26/08 1:00pm, a car that would cost only $9,990 and snagged the unofficial title of "cheapest car in America" from Hyundai. The Korean automaker has struck back by dropping the price of their Hyundai Accent GS 3-door from $11,070 to $9,970, besting the…

New Pricing Of $9,990 Makes 2009 Nissan Versa Cheapest New Car In USA

In response to the Financiapocalypse »10/31/08 12:15pm10/31/08 12:15pm, Nissan is offering 0% financing on five of their vehicles. Most interesting, and seemingly lost in the saved-by-zerogasm, is news of a lower-priced version of the 2009 Nissan Versa Sedan that, at an MSRP of $9,990, will be the cheapest new car in the USA. Source: (subs.…

Israeli Ad For Fuel-Sipping Nissan Tiida Angers Caricatures Of Oil-Loving Arab Sheiks, Real Oil-Loving Arab Sheiks

These days, everyone wants to reduce consumption of foreign oil. Well, everyone but oil-loving Arab sheiks. That's the message we're getting after the Saudi broadcasting network became so outraged at the airing of the commercial above in Israel for the Nissan Tiida. The advertisement shows wealthy Arab oil barons… »8/06/08 3:40pm8/06/08 3:40pm

Nissan Announces Yearly Price Increases, Trying to Scrape Another $80 For A Versa

It's this time of year, after the Christmas rush, when automakers try to quietly drop price increases into the news cycle without anyone noticing. Even better, do it on a Friday and it won't go into the news until Saturday when no one reads the news. But we're ever vigilant and have seen through the bull shit to let… »12/28/07 4:05pm12/28/07 4:05pm

Hit-and-Run Transmission: Nissan's Continuously Variable Future

Get Leonardo DaVinci on the horn, he may be in for some royalty cash. Edmunds Inside Line is reporting on Nissan's move to make continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) — a design for which showed up in ol' Lenny's notebooks — the norm on many of its models. The company plans to produce upward of 1 million CVTs per… »10/04/05 9:03am10/04/05 9:03am