The sub-$10,000 new car is dead

At this week's New York Auto Show, Nissan unveiled a new version of its Versa small car, letting them finally drop the stripped-down version of its Versa sedan, the lowest-priced new car on the market, with an advertised sticker price of $9,990. With its demise comes the death of the sub-$10,000 new car. Here's why… » 4/25/11 10:30am 4/25/11 10:30am

2012 Nissan Versa arrives for ten bucks less than $11,000

The world of bargain new cars hasn't been known for style. Or engineering. Or really any favorable attributes outside of supporting impoverished foreign workers. Yet the 2012 Nissan Versa sedan suggests cheap and attractive might not be mutually exclusive. » 4/20/11 1:35pm 4/20/11 1:35pm

This is the new Nissan Versa

The new Nissan Tilda (aka Versa) just bowed in Shanghai. This is the company's best-selling global model because it's not a bad drive, the looks are passable, and it's cheap. Here's to another generation of inoffensive mediocrity! » 4/19/11 12:00pm 4/19/11 12:00pm

The awesome-sexy-hilarious Nissan ad that Ford's suing over

The geniuses at Nissan Brazil's ad department dreamed up this ad for the Tiida (aka Versa) showing Ford engineers rapping with bikini-clad models about how much cheddar they make off the overpriced Focus. Ford's response? A lawsuit. » 3/25/11 11:00am 3/25/11 11:00am

New Nissan Versa In Convenient Coloring Book Format

Leaked trademark drawings of the built-for-China Nissan Sunny show us what the new Nissan Versa will look like. Moving on... [JokeForBlog] » 11/13/10 10:00am 11/13/10 10:00am

Nissan Shows Off Versa-Flavored EV Platform

To prove the black-and-white Nissan Cube isn't the only EV they're cooking up on the B-platform, Nissan's released one grainy image of a Nissan Tiida in electrified form. That's the Versa to us US buyers. » 7/27/09 10:00am 7/27/09 10:00am

Hyundai Accent Takes Back Title Of Cheapest Car In America At $9,970

Nissan made some waves last month when they announced the Nissan Versa 1.6S » 11/26/08 1:00pm 11/26/08 1:00pm, a car that would cost only $9,990 and snagged the unofficial title of "cheapest car in America" from Hyundai. The Korean automaker has struck back by dropping the price of their Hyundai Accent GS 3-door from $11,070 to $9,970, besting the…

Nissan To Offer S-Tune Version Of Versa... For China

Photos appearing on China Car Times » 11/17/08 10:00am 11/17/08 10:00am this morning suggest the new is not the only product to get a sports package. The , known as the Tiida in China, is seen here sporting NISMO colors and a badge proclaiming the S-Tune. Other than the paint and badge, the only hint this is a special model is the sharp body kit.…

New Pricing Of $9,990 Makes 2009 Nissan Versa Cheapest New Car In USA

In response to the Financiapocalypse » 10/31/08 12:15pm 10/31/08 12:15pm, Nissan is offering 0% financing on five of their vehicles. Most interesting, and seemingly lost in the saved-by-zerogasm, is news of a lower-priced version of the 2009 Nissan Versa Sedan that, at an MSRP of $9,990, will be the cheapest new car in the USA. Source: (subs.…

Israeli Ad For Fuel-Sipping Nissan Tiida Angers Caricatures Of…

These days, everyone wants to reduce consumption of foreign oil. Well, everyone but oil-loving Arab sheiks. That's the message we're getting after the Saudi broadcasting network became so outraged at the airing of the commercial above in Israel for the Nissan Tiida. The advertisement shows wealthy Arab oil barons… » 8/06/08 3:40pm 8/06/08 3:40pm

More On The Chrysler And Nissan Platform Swap

Nissan was kind enough to provide us with some time to answer questions about their new Nissan-Chrysler Platform Swap. For those who haven't been following the news, Dodge is going to build the next generation full-size truck for Nissan based on the upcoming Dodge Ram platform. In return, Nissan is going to build a… » 4/16/08 4:00pm 4/16/08 4:00pm

Nissan Announces Yearly Price Increases, Trying to Scrape Another $80…

It's this time of year, after the Christmas rush, when automakers try to quietly drop price increases into the news cycle without anyone noticing. Even better, do it on a Friday and it won't go into the news until Saturday when no one reads the news. But we're ever vigilant and have seen through the bull shit to let… » 12/28/07 4:05pm 12/28/07 4:05pm

SEMA Show: Matte Is This Year's Black

Among custom jobs at SEMA this year, the matte-black finish is an unmistakable theme. Despite its humble origins among rodders without the cash to indulge in metal flake kandy koatings, the flat finish can cost upward of $10,000 to render properly (we've heard up to $30,000 for the Mercedes CLS on display here). Of… » 11/01/06 11:40am 11/01/06 11:40am

More SEMA Editions: 2007 Nissan Versa

Somehow, we just can't picture the 2007 Nissan Versa as a Trans Am B-Sedan winner, like its anteceedent Datsun 510. Still, Nissan's getting six of the new economy models all modded up in time for the SEMA show. Edmunds Inside Line reports on the company's custom commissions, including a "Green with Envy" entry by 2K… » 10/12/06 9:19am 10/12/06 9:19am

Nissan Announces Versa Pricing

We have to say, that whenever we think of Nissan compacts, the old "New Nissan Sentra! You need this car!" jingle pops into our head. What was is about the unbridled optimisim of the early 1980s brought that kind of stuff about, complete with choral vocal groups singing faux-Andrew-Lloyd-Webber-style anthemic… » 6/23/06 5:45pm 6/23/06 5:45pm

Nissan's Versa Drops by Detroit

We're big fans of Iron Maiden. So big, in fact, that we even checked out Samson, frontman Bruce Dickinson's pre-Maiden outfit featuring the inimitable Thunderstick on drums. And whenever we see the Nissan Versa, Samson's "Vice Versa" immediately gets stuck in our heads. Unfortunately, it's not a very good song, and… » 1/11/06 3:15pm 1/11/06 3:15pm

Renault Clio Nabs European Car of the Year Award

Renault's Clio hatchback beat out the VW Passat, Alfa Romeo 159 and BMW 3-Series to become the European car of the year for 2005. The 58 journalists from 22 countries who judged the award deemed the new Clio just more worthy than more expensive sedans, and its close competitor the Toyota Yaris, due to its refinements… » 11/15/05 7:46am 11/15/05 7:46am

Hit-and-Run Transmission: Nissan's Continuously Variable Future

Get Leonardo DaVinci on the horn, he may be in for some royalty cash. Edmunds Inside Line is reporting on Nissan's move to make continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) — a design for which showed up in ol' Lenny's notebooks — the norm on many of its models. The company plans to produce upward of 1 million CVTs per… » 10/04/05 9:03am 10/04/05 9:03am

Nissan Releases Official Pics of Versa Subcompact for US

Americans who've never driven a new Renault M gane Clio, but really want to (they should) will be pleased with Nissan's new Versa subcompact for the US. The 2007 model-year, $12,000+ almost-minicars will arrive first in hatchback form in mid-2006 and, later in 2006, in sedan guise. Nissan also announced further… » 9/29/05 5:20pm 9/29/05 5:20pm