​Verizon Vehicle Adds OnStar-Like Features To Your Dumb Car

Verizon is following the lead of companies like Automatic, Dash, and Zubie, tapping into your car to provide health reports and diagnostic info. But Verizon Vehicle takes it a step further with vehicle tracking, emergency services, and even a Bluetooth speaker, making it an OnStar retrofit for your old ride. » 1/14/15 12:21pm 1/14/15 12:21pm

Verizon Takes Huge Leap Of Faith And Becomes IndyCar Title Sponsor

IndyCar has some of the best racing on the planet. The problem is that years of confusion and infighting have either left fans confused or sent them running. But Verizon just made a huge investment in the series to become the title sponsor. This could be IndyCar's return. » 3/14/14 10:15am 3/14/14 10:15am

NSA surveillance scandal: Major legal site shuts down over spying

A legal website used by attorneys to privately discuss case law is shutting down after 10 years because the owner no longer feels the site's users are protected from government spying. After federal threats led to the closure of several secure email providers, the publisher of Groklaw closed her own operation last… » 8/20/13 1:31pm 8/20/13 1:31pm

The Jalopnik Morning Shift

• A guy is driving a car powered by vegetable oil across New Zealand. The funny? His name is MacDonald. [stuff.co.nz]
• You know you've got a pretty big classic car show on your hands when Verizon has to roll the damn COW into town. [tmcnet]
• No, there it is...rule #490 in the Koran — "And the Lord spoketh unto his… » 4/19/06 8:50am 4/19/06 8:50am