Watch classic Ferraris float through Venice

Ferrari Classiche isn't just a secret society for wealthy Ferrari owners to smoke Cuban cigars and plot world domination — it's also the factory-owned shop for restoring old models. This year, its annual drive included a leisurely float through Venice. » 10/07/11 3:30pm 10/07/11 3:30pm

Top Ten Coolest Super Sedans Ever, And None Of Them Are New

Lately, a few brands have been defining their own modern interpretations of the super sedan, with efforts like the Aston Martin Rapide » 10/16/08 3:00pm 10/16/08 3:00pm, , , and even the . The problem is they all feel a bit vulgar, lacking the factor of super sedans in the past. But before we can define what a super sedan is, first we must define…

A Garage Fit For a King: The Best Of The Sultan Of Brunei's Amazing Car…

Ferrari wagon-izations and hypercars bathed in magnetizing yellow are just a couple hints the Sultan of Brunei is perhaps the most Jalopnik head of state in the whole world. Like us, he seems to have a maddening obsession with odd cars. However, what sets him apart is his seemingly unending pot of money with which to… » 4/15/08 12:30pm 4/15/08 12:30pm

Ferrari 456 Venice Vs. Audi RS4 Avant

Frankly, we were a wee bit shocked at the overly enthusiastic response to the prancing horse station wagon. More than one of you lamented the fact that you're not a dragon. You also chose a BMW over a Ferrari in yesterday's QOTD. All of this means that y'all are the most sophisticated group of car nutz on teh… » 10/05/07 11:30am 10/05/07 11:30am

Ferrari 456 Venice

You know why its good to be the Prince of Brunei? Because you can pick up the phone and say things like, "Yo Ferrari. Prince Jefri here. Yeah, listen. I'm thinking what I really need are seven 456 station wagons. Uh huh. OK, great. Oh, and I want Pininfarina to design and build them. Great. How much? $1.5 million… » 10/04/07 1:45pm 10/04/07 1:45pm

What Wood He Do for a Floating Ferrari?

Build it, that's what. Master woodworker Livio de Marchi has recreated several classic exotics out of buoyant treemeat instead of metal, so he could sail them through the canals of Venice. In addition to the Ferrari F50 (pictured), he also built a 1950s-era Mercedes 300SL and a Jaguar. A streetable gondola? No, not… » 7/28/05 4:04pm 7/28/05 4:04pm