Vinyl Vehicle Wraps Don't Increase Fuel Economy

PopMech's Ben Stewart put the Fastskinz MPG-Plus vinyl vehicle-wrap system through the paces to determine if it increases fuel economy. So, does it work? What the hell do you think, of course it doesn't. [PopMech] » 5/11/09 12:00pm 5/11/09 12:00pm

ABT Sportsline Shows Off Carbon Fiber Film Wrap For Audi R8, Q7

We've all seen cars with full-body advertising wraps; now tuner ABT Sportsline » 10/24/08 1:00pm 10/24/08 1:00pm has taken the concept to its logical "" (MICE) conclusion with a carbon fiber film wrap for the and . The wrap is just a thin adhesive film printed and textured to be nearly indistinguishable from actual carbon fiber. And, while the…