U of M Survey Contradicts Others, Claims Fewer Buyers Satisfied With Detroit Automakers

This year's American Customer Satisfaction Index, a study put together by the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, shows that the home state's automakers are losing ground in customer satisfaction to European and Japanese manufacturers. The report shows brands like Buick, Cadillac and Lincoln-Mercury… »8/19/08 2:20pm8/19/08 2:20pm


Toyota Drops In Consumer Reports Annual Car Reliability Survey, Ford Improves

Apparently, the V6 version of the Toyota Camry, a long-time resident to Consumer Reports' "Annual Car Reliability Survey," is no longer welcome around those parts. And it's not just the Camry, but also the new bigger-than-big four-wheel-drive V8-powered Toyota Tundra and the Lexus Gs. All three of these vehicles… »10/17/07 8:00am10/17/07 8:00am