Even If You Repair A Crashed Car, Your Resale Value Will Not Recuperate

You slow down for a red light and the moron behind you is texting. He doesn't stop in time and hits you from behind, not hard, but just enough to damage your bumper. You make a claim with your insurance and pay your deductible. Then you go to trade your car and find out that the accident has cost you in the way of… » 10/08/14 12:48pm 10/08/14 12:48pm

Check Vehicle Accident Reports From Your Phone

InstaVin, a new text-message-based accident-history report search system, launched last week. It offers quick information for prospective buyers at a lower cost than CarFax or other competitors. The system is temporarily free, and Jalopnik tried it out. » 6/02/10 1:00pm 6/02/10 1:00pm