Police Pull Over Opel Vectra, Find Fourteen Romanians On Holiday

Police in the of German state of Bavaria didn't know what they'd find when they stopped a slow-moving Opel Vectra running at around 40 kmph on a snowy A6. But upon stopping the budget brand car, they found two men in the front seat, and in the back seat two women with two children on each lap and also a child between… »3/07/08 7:30am3/07/08 7:30am

Many Spy Photographers Died to Bring us This Picture of the Taillight of the New Opel Insignia

Much as we expected when we noticed some very Insignia concept car-like testers out this summer, Opel's just announced that Insignia will be the Vectra's replacement name for the new version of the mid-size set to debut at the 2008 London Motor Show. Opel revealed the name — and a taillight — by taking a page right… »11/29/07 11:30am11/29/07 11:30am

Brisbane Auto Show: Holden Reveals The Epicuriously Strong Epica

GM's division down under just dropped the curtain on the Holden version of the General's newest mid-size sedan, the Epica, at the Brisbane International Motor Show. The new replacement for the Vectra will be on sale in April of this year in dingo-land and will be available with two variants, CDX and CDXi, with the… »2/02/07 9:26am2/02/07 9:26am

Waxing Stylish: Chevrolet Shows Tarted-up Vectra at Brazil Show

Grab those thongs and a few extra plastic surgeons, kids, Brazil's Sal o de Tuning is in session. Considered Brazil's largest custom-car expo, the Sal o was founded by race driver Emerson Fittipaldi, and continues, in its second year, to be sponsored by Chevrolet. Not a surprise, then, that "Carnival" Chevy worked up… »5/18/06 11:29am5/18/06 11:29am