Rare Vector Promo Video Is Miami Vice Meets Top Gun With John DeLorean

Of the millions of people living in homes across the country, few achieve the success to live in the ultimate. Millions of people climb towering mountains throughout the world. Few achieve the skills to climb the ultimate. Millions of people drive cars throughout the world. Few achieve the success to drive the… » 7/18/14 1:25pm 7/18/14 1:25pm

LA Auto Show: Vector WX-8 in the Flesh

When I stop and reflect about why I spend more time thinking about cars than I do, well, anything, one of the defining, transcendental moments has to be when I was around 12-years-old with my father at the LA Auto Show. In one hall they had the "other" makes including the Lamborghini LM002 and my absolute favorite,… » 11/15/07 8:15am 11/15/07 8:15am

Blasting From the Past: Vector Avtech WX8

Somewhere at the Los Angeles auto show, while the world's automakers are splaying their latest show ponies under million-dollar lighting kits, a revival of sorts is quietly taking place. Car freaks of a certain age remember the trials and triumphs of Vector as they might the rise and fall of a forgotten Hollywood… » 11/13/07 7:36am 11/13/07 7:36am