The Cars of the Sochi Opening Ceremonies

Wes Siler has a great article about the sidecars on the motorcycles used in the Opening Ceremonies. But what of the cars? All Ladas? Hardly! » 2/08/14 7:20am 2/08/14 7:20am

The Cars Of Mother Russia Make A Strong Case For Capitalism

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past. » 10/14/12 5:30pm 10/14/12 5:30pm

Drift All The Ladas!

The best moment of this little snow drift video is when one guy picks up some frozen animal poop and throws it at his friend's Lada mid-drift, who then nearly crashes. That's what hooning is all about. » 3/21/12 1:00pm 3/21/12 1:00pm

When Ladas become weirdly Japanese

The inoculation of Work Equip wheels, the military flag of Japan, riveted fender flares and Japanese license plates into a humble VAZ 2106 sedan is a stunning display of modern tuning culture, where ideas, memes, details and styles flow like bits and JPEGs. » 6/30/11 4:30pm 6/30/11 4:30pm

Capitalism Takes On Communism In Ohio: 1961 Cadillac Versus Lada Signet!

The Lamest Day takes place at Nelson Ledges next weekend, and it will feature the best all-time Index Of Effluency matchup in 24 Hours Of LeMons history: a Soviet car taking on a finned Caddy! » 9/27/09 12:00pm 9/27/09 12:00pm

The Ultimate Automotive Survivors: 50 Cars Made For Over 20 Years

While the Beetle, Ambassador, Mini, and 2CV each enjoyed more than four decades of production in pretty much their original form, we mustn't overlook the other long-term survivors of the automotive world. » 9/06/09 2:00pm 9/06/09 2:00pm

In Soviet Russia, Junkyard Gets Down On YOU!

57Sweptside loves junkyards, and not just the ones in his native Southwest. He's found for us this collection of photos shot in a Russian yard packed full of Volgas, Moskviches, and even Tchaikas. » 4/19/09 6:00pm 4/19/09 6:00pm

Cars Of The Soviet Union: The Definitive History, by Andy Thompson

Whether you're wrenching on a flying Spitfire or a leaking Spitfire, Haynes has a shop manual for you. Very useful, but hardly the sort of thing you'd keep on your coffee table. » 3/28/09 2:00pm 3/28/09 2:00pm

Underground Street Racing Taken Too Literally In Russia

For most people, underground racing actually happens above ground. But it seems that someone in Russia didn't get the memo. Ok, so you may not technically call this racing, but it sure looks like fun. Besides, do you really expect this guy's friends to follow him down into the subway station just because he… » 4/07/08 3:00pm 4/07/08 3:00pm

Lada Oka Transformed Into Mini Monster

The standard Lada Oka is your typical eastern European econobox; humble transportation that makes a Tata Nano feel macho. But apparently there are some Russians who look at the poor little thing and see the perfect starting point for an all-terrain monster. We have no idea what the thought process was that led up to… » 4/01/08 2:15pm 4/01/08 2:15pm

How Many Russian Girls Can You Fit In a VAZ-1111?

When you look at a VAZ-1111 (popularly known as the Oka), do you think "Nice car, but how many girls can be packed in its commodious interior?" Exactly, and so it came to be that some Russians decided to find the answer to that question. We're going to deduct some points for the blocks under the frame, because real » 12/13/07 1:30pm 12/13/07 1:30pm

In Russia, Post-Soviet Era Confounds YOU!

Is this what the glorious Soviet workers in the Zhiguli plant had in mind back when they built this car (Russian car experts, please correct me if I'm guessing wrong on this car's VAZ-ness)? A rolling advertisement for a clique of capitalist profiteers, growing fat on the fruits of the labor of others? Who knows? What… » 8/17/07 2:00pm 8/17/07 2:00pm

Lifan Green: Chinese Cars to be Buillt in Ganja

We reported the other day that the Ganja Automobile Factory had cut a deal to produce cars for a foreign manufacturer, and now we've got more details. Apparently, besides the Russian VAZ cars the factory already produces, they'll also crank out 2,500 cars, minibuses and light trucks for Chinese automaker Lifan.… » 3/22/06 2:03pm 3/22/06 2:03pm