[Update] The Aston Martin DB10 & Jaguar CX-75 Are The New Gladiators Of…

Just as it was once soldiers and lions in the Colosseum, it is now spies and Jaguars in the streets of Rome as Spectre, the 24th film in the James Bond franchise, shoots its ridiculous car chase featuring the bespoke Aston Martin DB10 against the be-nope Jaguar CX-75. » 2/25/15 9:27am 2/25/15 9:27am

Porsche Is Renting The Vatican's Sistine Chapel

This Saturday, 40 Porsche devotees will be treated to an after-hours tour of the Sistine Chapel, a private concert, and a dinner, all for around 5,000 euros – the first time the museum has ever been rented to a private company. » 10/17/14 3:24pm 10/17/14 3:24pm

The Pope Just Peaced Out Of The Vatican In This Awesome Helicopter

After putting in his two weeks notice earlier this month, today is Pope Benedict XVI's last day in office. Is he leaving the Vatican in a Popemobile? No way, he's taking to the sky. » 2/28/13 11:14am 2/28/13 11:14am

Seriously, Your Fiat Is A Steaming Pile Of...

Late Fall is not a safe time to park your car near the Vatican... as the owner of this Fiat (and the Mini below the jump) will surely attest to. » 12/10/09 9:30am 12/10/09 9:30am

How Many Of The Pope's Driving Commandments Have You Broken?

We like the spirit behind this question much more than the actual question. Why? Well, first and foremost, the idea that we should listen to an ex-Nazi, 80-year-old virgin in a white dress and a funny hat who communicates with doors and chimneys about anything, let alone driving (or what to do with our genitals) is… » 6/21/07 1:30pm 6/21/07 1:30pm

Vatican Condemns Dakar Rally!

This is somewhat tenuous at best, but isn't it rather fascinating that a theocratic government that holds sway over a large portion of religious people, whose head was once a member of a youth organization that pledged fealty to a regime that sent invasion forces to North Africa has now called the Dakar Rally "the… » 1/11/07 5:45pm 1/11/07 5:45pm