Street-Racing Comcast Morons Leave 3-Year-Old Hospitalized

You know how you have to wait around for hours for a Comcast technician to show up? We've finally found why that is. Two Comcast employees were street-racing their vans around Huntsville, AL. The racing turned less fast-and-furious and more tragic as one van lost control and hit a vehicle that had three-year-old… » 5/16/08 12:41pm 5/16/08 12:41pm

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Minibuses Are Awesome

Why are we randomly showing you pictures of European Sprinter vans? Because Mercedes Sprinter Vans are awesome. Bigger and mightier than the standard Sprinter is the Sprinter Minibus line, which offers seating configurations for uses as varied as hospice transport to urban people moving. Our personal favorite is the… » 4/03/08 3:00pm 4/03/08 3:00pm

The A-Team Limo Pities The Fool in the Stretched H2

Our brothers-in-arms over at Gizmodo managed to locate the ever elusive A-Team and their tricked-out van. Like many out there, they've encountered hard times and have had to convert their van to a limousine and cart drunken bachelor parties to strip clubs. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Next thing you know they'll… » 12/06/07 4:30pm 12/06/07 4:30pm

Tokyo Motor Show: Daihatsu Mud Master-C Concept

Way up on the list of coolest concepts in Tokyo is Daihatsu's Mud Master-C, a decked-out and widened version of the company's Hijet van. It's powered by an inline three-cylinder, 12-valve mud-mastering powerplant. Could jacked-up keivans be the next big thing in Japanese automotive obsessions? Keep an eye out for … » 10/25/07 3:00am 10/25/07 3:00am

Here, In My Van, I Can Play The Last Tape

While Milo Aukerman and Bill Stevenson were hanging out in their van drinking bonus cups and waiting for no girls to call them in the middle of the night, little did they know that two decades on, van culture would be on the brink of extinction. The San Francisco Chronicle's Peter Hartlaub has crafted a loving ode to… » 10/14/05 12:33pm 10/14/05 12:33pm