Street-Racing Comcast Morons Leave 3-Year-Old Hospitalized

You know how you have to wait around for hours for a Comcast technician to show up? We've finally found why that is. Two Comcast employees were street-racing their vans around Huntsville, AL. The racing turned less fast-and-furious and more tragic as one van lost control and hit a vehicle that had three-year-old… »5/16/08 12:41pm5/16/08 12:41pm

The A-Team Limo Pities The Fool in the Stretched H2

Our brothers-in-arms over at Gizmodo managed to locate the ever elusive A-Team and their tricked-out van. Like many out there, they've encountered hard times and have had to convert their van to a limousine and cart drunken bachelor parties to strip clubs. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Next thing you know they'll… »12/06/07 4:30pm12/06/07 4:30pm