Paintball Pranksters Sentenced to Shooting Their Own Cars

Judge Michael Cicconetti (as the source article tells us, his surname is pronounced "chih-kuh-NEH'-tee") has decreed that in lieu of jail time, twenty-year-old Joshua Breeding and 19-year-old Christopher Lyons can shoot up their own vehicles with paintball guns and then clean them up. The pair were caught after… »7/20/06 4:30pm7/20/06 4:30pm


Man Attacks Southern-California Toll Plaza With Pole-Like Device

Some people get a little defensive about their land being covered in toll roads, apparently. 18-year-old Cope Allan Schuyler is one of them, we presume. He grabbed a lane delineator and began smashing toll-booth windows on Orange County's 241 toll-road. And when that wasn't enough mayhem for him, he began taking on… »7/11/06 12:48am7/11/06 12:48am