Paintball Pranksters Sentenced to Shooting Their Own Cars

Judge Michael Cicconetti (as the source article tells us, his surname is pronounced "chih-kuh-NEH'-tee") has decreed that in lieu of jail time, twenty-year-old Joshua Breeding and 19-year-old Christopher Lyons can shoot up their own vehicles with paintball guns and then clean them up. The pair were caught after… » 7/20/06 4:30pm 7/20/06 4:30pm

Man Attacks Southern-California Toll Plaza With Pole-Like Device

Some people get a little defensive about their land being covered in toll roads, apparently. 18-year-old Cope Allan Schuyler is one of them, we presume. He grabbed a lane delineator and began smashing toll-booth windows on Orange County's 241 toll-road. And when that wasn't enough mayhem for him, he began taking on… » 7/11/06 12:48am 7/11/06 12:48am

Vandals Strike Gay-Owned Vehicles in Iowa

We have to admit, when we first read that somebody had used shaving cream to stick pictures of naked men on gay-owned cars in Des Moines, we thought it was slightly funny in a ridiculously childish way. Then we read that the cars were all owned by women. And then we read that racial epithets and phalluses were etched… » 6/26/06 3:00pm 6/26/06 3:00pm

A Million Pounds in Jags Vandalized

Oi! We're not sure what's worse, that 60 vintage Jaguars were destroyed in South Wales recently, or that the average value of each one was only around $29,000. Nonetheless, a group of teens broke into a warehouse there and played something called "dodgems," which we kind of get and kind of not (does that mean they… » 3/06/06 1:57pm 3/06/06 1:57pm

Suburban Miscreants Menace Orange County Tires

Anaheim po-po are reporting that at least 40 cars had their tires slashed yesterday in an outbreak of antisocial mayhem that cut a swath out of the Orange Curtain. Well, it didn't magically open a portal to Long Beach, but it did leave a number of OC residents without transpo for a day or so. So far, the hooligan(s)… » 12/29/05 11:12pm 12/29/05 11:12pm

Let that Be a Lesson: Revenge

The main problem with being a "back-door man" (in the original, Delta blues connotation, natch), is the psycho husbands you may rub the wrong way. Decorum is doubly important when you drive a fine car like, say, this formerly mint BMW M3. Don't forget, husbands keep plenty of tools (and paint) in their workshops for… » 11/07/05 1:52pm 11/07/05 1:52pm

Everyone Booze up and Riot! Roman Teens Take to Torching Cars

While we're liable to have a few too many and pull a pathetic, somewhat Cusackian move like calling our past girlfriends to find out why our most recent amour dumped us, Roman teenagers have taken a different tack, deciding that committing arson against motor vehicles in residential areas is a fine way to cap of a… » 8/10/05 11:13am 8/10/05 11:13am