Meet The Guy Who Had His Shelby Cobra Trashed By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's new video Blank Space has received a metric ton of praise, from its amazing cinematography to its pretty darn catchy tune. The video also featured a beautiful Shelby Cobra that for one reason or another, gets assaulted with a golf club. I sat down with Will Hough, the car's owner, and asked him… » 11/13/14 1:47pm 11/13/14 1:47pm

Did a Delta Employee Pee All Over This Guy's Luggage?

It's been a bad month for Delta. On the heels of the firestorm over baggage fees the airline was charging soldiers returning from active duty in Iraq and Afghanistan comes a story from a British man named Sy Haze, who is accusing Delta of peeing all over his clothes and stealing aftershave from his luggage, among… » 6/22/11 3:21am 6/22/11 3:21am

Rock Throwing Punks Smash BMWs In China, Get Let Off Easy

A couple of Chinese boys, ages 8 and 15, decided that chucking rocks at a passing truck loaded with imported BMWs seemed like a fun thing to do. We know, people say BMW might as well stand for Break My Windows, but this seems to be taking things a bit too far. Unfortunatley, when the parents of the kids were faced… » 8/12/08 2:00pm 8/12/08 2:00pm

Is It Ever Justified to Mess With Someone's Car?

Of course, the short answer is an unequivocal no. But in life, circumstances are seldom as cut and dried as the law-enforcement community would lead us to believe. Thus comes today's question from commenter Altralosix:
» 7/02/07 11:22am 7/02/07 11:22am

Maybe the real question is "Have you ever wanted to mess with someone's car in retaliation, and…

Jersey Man Horks GPS Units, Now He's Found

A friend of ours who owns a pretty serious exotic IM'd us last night asking advice on shitboxes. She wants a high-mileage econobox as a runabout. We suggested the Fit (as we're loath to recommend the Prius to anyone we like — nobody wants asshole friends, after all), but she was bummed by the lack of satnav. We… » 6/18/07 7:30pm 6/18/07 7:30pm

Fonctionnement! Fonctionnement! Sauvage dans les Rues! 400 Cars Torched in France

Yawn. Another new year, another 400 cars set ablaze in the former land of the Frankish kings. However, the LA Times reports that the mayhem quotient was down from last year, when surly youths attacked trains. And while we doubt any '64 Valiants were involved, we wouldn't be surprised if numerous handfuls of valium… » 1/02/07 3:30pm 1/02/07 3:30pm