Vampire Weekend Seems Thoroughly Scarred By The Saab Debacle

Rock-and-rollers Vampire Weekend are currently doing an Ask Me Anything session over on Reddit, and someone brought up their recent crime against autodom: the Saab 900s that were torched for their "Diane Young" video. » 5/14/13 2:01pm 5/14/13 2:01pm

The Mountain Goats' Peter Hughes Found A Better Use For A Saab Than…

Amidst all the hoopla about Vampire Weekend's torching of a pair of Saabs for their Diane Young video, and the band's subsequent apology to the Saab faithful, nobody mentioned one of the best uses of a Saab in a musical context in recent years — Peter Hughes' concept album Fangio. It's a collection of songs about… » 4/04/13 12:03pm 4/04/13 12:03pm

Vampire Weekend Apologizes For Being Saab-Burning Dicks

Saab-o-philes of the Internet: Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig wants you to know that he's sorry. He's sorry that his music video, which featured two burning Saab 900s that were much-beloved by their former owners, offended you so much. He says if he had his way, the band would have taken baseball bats to a… » 3/28/13 5:14pm 3/28/13 5:14pm

Why Vampire Weekend's Saab Fire Was So Painful To Watch

Patrick was rightfully distraught when he found out the classic Saab 900s burned in Vampire Weekend’s agonizing video were not junkers or rusted-out, water-filled masses of old Swedish iron. Why not kill all of us who scour eBay, AutoTrader and Craigslist for old 900s, huh? » 3/23/13 12:00pm 3/23/13 12:00pm

Vampire Weekend Are A Bunch Of Dicks

Here's the best-case scenario I was hoping for when I saw that Vampire Weekend torched some Saab 900s for their new "Diane Young" music video: I was hoping that the two 900s were old, decrepit, maybe found in a junkyard or damaged beyond repair in Hurricane Sandy, and that they were being sent to a better place. This… » 3/22/13 3:33pm 3/22/13 3:33pm

Vampire Weekend Torches Old Saabs In Their New 'Diane Young' Video

I'm a big fan of New York-based indie outfit Vampire Weekend. I'm also a big fan of old Saabs. Wouldn't it be neat if a Vampire Weekend video featured old Saabs? Of course! It would be even better if they didn't SET THEM ON FIRE. » 3/22/13 9:55am 3/22/13 9:55am